Trademarks give protection


A trademark provides protection for a name, logo, shape, colour, sound or advertising slogan for a 10 year period that can be renewed indefinitely.

A registered trademark gives its owner the right to forbid any reproduction or imitation of the trademark for identical or similar products or services.  Prior research is necessary in order to establish that the mark is available, given existing rights.  This procedure should be carried out by experts.

In fact, the INPI (French National Institute for Industrial Property) registers trademarks but does not check that trademarks are available!

You acquire the right by registering the trademark and not by using it.  We will undertake the research, filing and registration for you, as well as reacting to any potential obstacles that could arise during the two months following registration.  We can undertake these procedures in any country around the world.  The Community Trademark is practical and efficient in all 27 EU countries, as there is just one single procedure for filing and receiving the patent.

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