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Technological monitoring

Monitoring industrial property titles held by the competition is an essential part of a good business strategy

All industrial property titles are published and listed, enabling the public to apprise themselves of their content and appreciate the rights they confer. It is therefore possible to find out the reserved fields of these competitors, to establish the state of technology in a particular field and to indentify the protection strategy adopted by such and such a company.

This is know by an expression that has worked its way into everyday speech: "technological monitoring".
We are connected to online databases via a dedicated server and via internet that list patents and national and international trademarks, and we also possess a large collection of CDs. We are also in a position to answer all of your questions about documentary research, monitoring ans so on.

Such monitoring is essential if you are to instigate opposition proceedings within the time limits set out in European and international legislation, particulary with relation to patents and trademarks.

We can give you a quotation depending on the technology being monitored.

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