Counterfeiting forbids the exploitation of a copy


Protection granted by an industrial property title, whether it is a patent, trademark or a design and model, is enforced by sanctions against counterfeiting.

Such sanctions, enforced by the courts, essentially consist of forbidding the exploitation of a copy or imitation of the object of the title, the payment of damages and interests as reparation for the prejudice suffered by the holder of the title, and publication(s) in specialist journals.

Proving counterfeiting. In practice, a bailiff will go to the premises, and on presentation of the order, will confiscate the works infringing copyright, accompanied by a person skilled in the art who is independent of the parties, a photographer and a law enforcement official.  
The presence of a person skilled in the art or an industrial property expert is absolutely essential in order for the report to be drafted. This document is essential in order for the magistrate to assess the counterfeiting. 

Abroad. Our experience enables us to pursue legal proceedings in the main industrialised countries.  Before any legal proceedings, it is advisable to undertake a pre-litigation procedure.

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