An industrial property title can be assigned or licensed for use.

An assignment is the total or partial transmission of the patent rights. A licence is an agreement whereby the patent holder grants a right to use the patent for a set period of time. It can cover various intellectual property rights, non-patented expertise and other rights relating to intangibles.

In the event of a registration that includes several holders, it is advisable to draft a co-ownership contract setting out each person’s obligations.

An assignment or licence agreement (contract) must be presented in writing and filed with the INPI (French Institute for Industrial Property) on the appropriate national register. These formalities must also be completed in international offices in order for it to be enforceable against third parties. Our firm is skilled at assessing the price of assigning an industrial property title or recommending the amount of royalties to be paid depending on the technology and on the applicable territory. We are equipped to assess a patent or trademark.

We will therefore assist you with the negociation, drafting and registering of assignment, licence, technology transfer, confidentiality and know-how agreements in France and abroad, and we can draft manufacturing, distribution and franchise contracts.

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